120 km north of Montreal in the beautiful city is the mountain resort of Mont-Tremblant. It is the highest peak formed in the southern province of Quebec in Canada. This mountain range is located on the banks of St. Lawrence River and Ottawa River is considered one of the oldest on the planet, at the age of 540 million years. Mont-Tremblant is located 150 km from Ottawa 380 km from Quebec 656 km from Boston and about 670 km from Toronto.

They call this region Little Switzerland because of its beautiful scenery and picturesque villages in the European style, Mont-Tremblant and Saint-Jovite. Today, these two resorts almost united and located in the heart of the Canadian mountain. In Mont-Tremblant annual festival “Symphony of colors”. While visitors to the city can be rolled along the river on gondolas and enjoy the beautiful hills covered with colorful autumn leaves.

The resort at the foot of Mont-Tremblant has officially existed since 2000 with the same name, but the area of Laurentides was colonized by early 19th century. Anthony Labelle chooses these mountains because of the fertile soil, proximity to waterways and easy relations with Quebec. Even in those early years, he saw the huge potential of the region as an attractive tourist destination.

He worked diligently to develop Mont-Tremblant in this direction, especially for the construction of the railway Montreal – St. Jerome. The railroad was completed in 1892, and Mont-Tremblant gradually grows and increases in the number of inhabitants.

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is one of the most preferred by Canadians. Here are opportunities for entertainment is not only skiing. There are golf courses and developed an excellent resource for recreation during all four seasons.

Vacationers can enjoy the outdoor spa, dog-sled rides with there are riding lessons, etc. Golf course here the highest level, it attracts many mainly in the summer. There is an opportunity for canoeing and kayaking, rafting, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, etc.

On the mountain organized several hours or several days’ trips with a challenge to climb.

At Mont Tremblant built Nature Park, which aims to protect wildlife with a rich variety of flora and fauna that is a cultural heritage in the region of Quebec.

Circuit Mont-Tremblant is the racing track about 4.5km long, where you can drive a car.