Importance of manicure and pedicure

Nail care is not as important as facial, hair and body.

Therefore, some of the traditional services offered by Spa Smart – a professional manicure and pedicure.

Let us consider these procedures and their importance to us.

Trim manicure today is an integral part of perfect female image as communicating people pay attention to the condition of the hands and nails, and, on that basis, is judged on the overall accuracy of a person. Therefore, if you want to create a good impression, do not forget about the regular manicure in our salon.

In carrying out our masters manicure professionals will put in order the problem even hand. For the hands, other than a special delicacy of the skin, with us as the best option is invited to a European manicure (uncut). Special soft, gentle procedure is achieved by using specially selected preparation of fruit and milk acids used to remove the cuticle.

The main method of nail polish, which is very popular among women, is a classic manicure, it is also known as the trim, because for its implementation shall apply nail scissors and tweezers in order to remove burrs and cuticles. In addition, this method is distinguished by its use to steam baths for hands.

Many people mistakenly believe that a pedicure, made in the salon, is only aesthetic procedures to be solely in order to give the legs a beautiful and well-groomed appearance. In some respects this is true, because very few people like roughened and well-groomed feet. Much better to look soft wet feet nails with smooth, lacquered.

However, the main problem is the implementation of professional pedicure absolutely not the case. First of all, a pedicure is an integral part of the care of the body, because it helps to prevent various diseases legs. Thanks to this simple procedure removes dead cells of the feet, ingrown toenails are processed, treated corn, made the prevention of fungal diseases, as well as the whole foot gain healthy. With regularly held pedicure maintained normal healthy skin soles, nails, toes, interdigital spaces. Constant attention to the feet and nails will help in time to reveal the presence of any violations were, whether flat or deformity of the nail.

Also included in the pedicure massage, which increases the overall body tone.
That is why every modern man who takes care of themselves and their health should not forget about such an important and, most importantly, useful and pleasant procedure as pedicure.

Massage – this ancient healing art. In a country like China massage it has been known for several centuries BC. For this session, there were schools of gymnastics in all the provinces of China. There, with the help of massage, not only to prevent disease, but also returned to the elderly youth.

Over time massage health relevance only increases. Modern man, surrounded by computers and machines – is inactive. Many muscle mass is weakened, and neurological disease is not uncommon, even among the young. Someone wants to lose weight or to remove the hated cellulite. All these questions will help decide the course of the massage.

Classic massage for health back perfectly treats pain in the spine. Massage techniques are chosen strictly individually. Status of the spine largely determines the state of the body as a whole. By acting on the spine, we can get rid of headaches and pain in the muscles or limbs. Massage has a beneficial effect on the psyche, the nervous and emotional sphere of human relieves stress. Massage effect can be achieved where the powerless medication.

Pay attention to another massage for health – a deep muscle massage. In general, deep muscle massage treats the body as a whole. After all, the state of individual organs is determined by the condition of the muscles. While working on certain muscles, you can stop the disease or even prevent it. Our body – is a unified whole. And this form of massage our impact on the muscle responds immediately to the whole body, implementing the principles, known in ancient times: “treat not the disease but the sick” and “prevention is better than cure.” Unlike classic, deep muscle massage is shown to babies with diseases of the nervous system right from the first days of life.

Of course, it would be beneficial massage for beauty and if you want to improve your appearance. You can remove cellulite, strengthen muscles of the face and neck, reducing wrinkles.

It must be remembered that the creams and ointments are not used in the therapeutic massage. Here, the therapist must be strong and deep impact on the body. Hands should feel kneaded land and not slide on it.

The facial massage for beauty creams, lotions, oils and masks are widely used. They have a beneficial effect on the skin and make the massage more effective. Certain types of massage (cellulite) must be combined with additional treatments and sports.

In deciding on the need for health massage definitely need to consult a doctor. There are restrictions on health. And remember, in many ways the effect of massage treatments depends on the professional masseur, who will deal with you.

Curative ocean air!

Where most people prefer to spend their holidays? That’s right at the sea/ocean site. With the arrival of summer, we all like with the call of nature, attracted to the coast, hot sand and the bright southern sun.
Why is that? It’s simple. First, the sea draws its spaciousness and beauty. The wave sound calms, you can listen to it forever. Boundless ocean captivates, seascape absorbs your mind and brings peace. You always associate with the coast the most enjoyable vacation.
Secondly, since Water makes up a large part of our planet, it has a direct impact on the processes occurring in the airspace, as well as on the processes of exchange between water and air. For us, the people, the most important is the exchange of ions of the salt composition of sea water and its volatile components. Salts and minerals are transferred from the oceans in the process of evaporation of water. The highest transfer efficiency reaches salts during the formation of foam. The result of the formation of the exchange becomes a different salt aerosols. Their content in the air away from the ocean is small, but on the coast concentration sufficient to provide a beneficial effect on humans. You can do your spa services directly on the beach with Spa Smart.
This explains the importance of staying on the coast. Scientific research shows that in just one day from sea to land the wind carries about 5 tons of salt. Then the rain returns salt back into the sea.
Seawater contains many trace elements, almost the whole periodic table. It is this fact explains the therapeutic properties of ocean air, which in addition to a high degree of ionization, is also famous for its high concentration of bromine, iodine, sodium chloride, and other substances are useful to man.
The sea air does not have bacteria and dust. Taking a shore walk during the waves is particularly useful because your body will exposure to the air, speeds up the metabolism and contributes to the enrichment of tissues and organs with oxygen. Ionization allows red blood cells to repel each other with greater force and increases their movement through the narrow vessels.
Negative ions improve lung ventilation, promote better assimilation of oxygen, removes carbon dioxide, thus improving the functioning of the heart. Sea air activates the performance, both physical and mental, strengthens the immune, nervous and muscular system, promotes strengthen bone tissue, improves the synthesis of vitamins B and C.
Once in the respiratory tract, the particles of sea water of the mucous membranes of the respiratory system. Because of this the body is saturated with nutrients and enhances its protective reaction. Sea air increases the amount of hemoglobin and red blood cells, activates blood circulation and breathing. Such air is undoubtedly healing for various diseases of the respiratory system and helps in the treatment of laryngitis, sinusitis, sore throat, sinusitis, and others. He has a calming effect on the mind and promotes relaxation.
The iodine contained in ocean air has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland, rejuvenates the skin. Interaction with potassium iodine normalizes blood pressure, heart muscle, contributes to the normalization of acid-base balance and water balance in the exact same tissues and cells.

All trace sea air balanced as to exert therapeutic effects on our organism. Contained in the sea air magnesium strengthens the nervous system, so the person becomes calmer and less prone to external stimuli.
The closer you are to the sea, the more useful air is. The benefits of sea air are markedly reduced at a distance of approximately one kilometer from the coastline. The presence near the sea pine trees enhances its medical properties.

Sea air treatment requires no intricacies. To do this, simply breathe them. It’s especially useful to walk during the storm. At this time, air enriched with oxygen and ozone. Moisturizes the mucosa of the respiratory tract, the body receives minerals and trace elements, the skin gets elasticity and firmness, the body rejuvenates and heals.
Very useful sleep on the coast: helps with heart disease, high pressure, relieves fatigue, relieves insomnia, tones the whole body and increases the mood. During sleep, the sea cleared the bronchi, blood is saturated with essential trace elements. Sleeping on the coast is indicated for atherosclerosis, hypertension, disorders of the nervous system, chronic bronchitis.
Being on the coast will certainly impact positively on your health and mood. Try this time to get rid of worldly thoughts, any worries and daily hassles. Just enjoy all the delights of rest. Listen for the sounds of nature, breathe deeply. Feel the waves gently massage your body, feel the sea calm and depth. Relax and meditate.


From what we are made? – From what we eat …

Intelligent, well-balanced diet contains all the elements needed to satisfy your appetite and maintain good health. – A sufficient amount of protein – for tissue and cell renewal; – Carbohydrates – for tone; – A small amount of essential fats – for forming the cell walls and facilitating the body’s metabolism. Everyone who pays serious attention to the health and physical activities will be able to see your progress by using a special instrument that measure: weight, fat %, water %, assessment of the Metabolic age, bone mass, muscle mass, physical assessment, evaluation visceral fat. Please contact our Nutrition specialists for more details.

Body fat.

We all need some fat mass to be healthy. It is necessary for such vital functions like regulating body temperature, digestion vitamins and for cushioning joints and organs. But extra fat can damage your health and can lead you to the high risk of developing serious diseases. Excess body fat might lead to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, two type diabetes and certain cancers. Reducing excess body fat will help you improve your body form and appearance. You will feel better, look better and in general live better. Female body is biologically designed so that they have more fat than men body. From the nature of the female body is arranged so as to protect her and the fetus. In result, women have more enzymes that contribute to body fat and less of those enzymes, allowing to burn it. The hormone estrogen is also fat keeper, activates enzymes, contributing to the fat increase. Women experience a much larger number of water drops in the organism than men because of their menstrual cycle. This has an impact on the fat measurement results. Changeable level of your body hydration (body water) has impact on your weight which is different from day to day, as well as the results of the body fat measurement. Hormonal changes during menopause can also change the amount of water in the body and measurement results. The risks to women’s health: -too little fat Maybe you have too little fat. Young women are particularly at risk for anemia and lack of calcium. This can lay the foundation for osteoporosis later in life. Amenorrhea – absence of menstruation – this may lead to infertility. -too much fat … Obesity has become a serious threat to the health of women at every stage of life. Excess weight is a risk of increased incidence of breast cancer after menopause (particularly for women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT)) and a higher risk of uterine cancer. With obesity associated with different fertility problems, obstetric and gynecological complications and infertility. It was also registered the connection of obesity and urinary incontinence in women.
Visceral fat (belly fat)

Visceral fat (abdominal fat) – a fat surrounding the vital organs of the body. Tall the level of visceral fat increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Reducing visceral fat can significantly stabilize the insulin function and to reduce the risk of diabetes as well as other diseases associated with obesity. The fat around the organs are not always visible. You can have acceptable weight and figure, but you have more body fat than you think. Visceral fat (abdominal fat) – a fat, which envelops (surrounds) organs of the body / belly. For easy and quick understanding – try to strain abdominal muscles and “pinch” the fat near the belly button. The fact that you can “pinch” – a subcutaneous fat – which is not visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that you cannot “catch” – it’s behind the abdominal muscles. Highly often the level of this type of fat is higher in middle-aged men (Often mistakenly it calls “beer belly”). Men have a genetic predisposition to visceral fat accumulation thus whereas women -tendency to accumulate under-skin fat. (Subcutaneous fat is associated with power, necessary for the development of the embryo in the woman’s body, as well as breast feeding). High levels of visceral fat increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes type 2. Reducing Visceral fat to stabilize the action of insulin and significantly reduce the risk of diabetes and other related to this diseases.

The total mass of water,%

Approximately 50 – 65% by weight of a healthy person is water. It plays a vital role in helping you stay healthy. The proper balance of water intake allows your body to function effectively, allow you to feel healthier and be more “alert” as well as reduce the risk of serious health problems. Proper hydration (receiving water) allows you to better function in everyday affairs and achieve more. On average, the total volume of body water: Women: 45 – 60% Men: 50 – 65% For athletes, the figure is about 5% higher than these average data, since they have a greater muscle mass. In skeletal-muscles contain more water than fat (adipose) tissue. To date there is no evidence of standards for people with excess weight, although the total amount of water in the body of these individuals will be below average healthy ranges. The amount of water in the body varies depending on the degree of excess body fat.

Muscle mass.

The muscles play an important role as they act as energy consumption (calories incinerator). The more you are exercising, the more you increase your muscle mass, which will increases the level of energy or calories consumption. Increased muscle mass can increase the level of metabolism, which leads to a reduction (burning) of excess fat and lose weight without losing health.

Mineral bone mass.

Development of muscle mass through exercise makes bones stronger and healthier. It is important to set a target to strengthen and maintain bone health through numerous exercises and food diet that contains calcium. A daily intake of vitamins and minerals is in addition to the usual meals.

Evaluation of Metabolism.

The speed of your metabolism is determined by many factors, such as gender, age, muscle mass in a ratio with body fat and level of physical activity, carried out on a regular basis. In general, the level of metabolism in men is higher than in women because of the hormone testosterone and more muscles. Metabolic rate fairly consistent among men and becomes stable at the age of 50 years, when testosterone levels begin to drop slightly. The level of metabolism in women is increased during pregnancy and becomes even more when breastfeeding, but it is noticeably reduced during menopause. Knowing the basic metabolism, you can monitor the amount of calories your body needs in accordance with your physical activities and way of life. The more your body muscle mass, the more calories your body requires; diet, fitness program activities can be based on this information. The level of metabolism also decreases with age. However, it will increase with physical activity, cardio exercises. Metabolic Age shows what age corresponds your metabolism. If your Metabolic Age above your actual age, it is necessary to increase your metabolism. This can be done through physical exercise and increased muscle mass, which will consume more energy – burn more calories, which leads to an improvement of your metabolic age, respectively. For people 12 – 50 years of age Metabolic measured with an accuracy of up to 1 year. Examples 30-year-old woman with Metabolic age of 35 years should review her fitness program and lifestyle in terms of health.

Daily calorie intake.

Daily energy requirements consist of: – Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR) – the energy, your body needs to maintain basic vital functions such as breathing, heartbeat, temperature regulation. It accounts for about 60% of the daily energy needs. It is calculated based on the weight, although other factors such as age, gender, height and body composition should be taken into account. – Energy for vigorous activity – the energy, required you to move in accordance with the your level of physical activity (PAL).

Level your physical activity will fall into one of four categories: Level 1: inactive lifestyle (you sit most of the day and use a car whenever necessary. Physical exercise little or none.) Level 2: moderately active lifestyle (you sit most of the day, but you have some physical activity/ exercise) Level 3: active lifestyle (you exercise (4-5 times a week) and / or your job requires physical activity) Level 4: very active lifestyle (you are engaged in an active sport or exercise more than 10 hours a week, you have a physical ) (Plus, about 50%, compared to the 1st level). Depend on the category in which you find yourself, you can determine, how much you need to increase your BMR, to provide yourself with full necessary energy …

Physical state.

When a person increases their level of physical activity, his/her weight cannot vary, but the balance of fat and muscle can change that also changes the body physical condition. You can keep track of your physical condition, as you stick to your fitness training program, exercise, drinking cocktails and vitamins. In accordance with the level of fat and muscle mass analyzer will assess your physical status.

Quick way put yourself in shape for the summer.

In the spring on the street become warmer, clothes – lighter and extra weight accumulated during the winter more noticeable. Go on a diet during the spring with a vitamin deficiency is difficult and want to lose weight quickly. How to get in shape after the winter, do more exercise and eat well without stress to the body plus good mood helps to shape up.

Eat well, but do not starve

You should begin with diet. It is necessary to limit the use of flour products and sweets, but if you really want something sweet, you can eat for breakfast- it’s not so bad. It is also advisable to give up potatoes and, of course not to abuse with fast food.

Generally day can be divided into two parts. In the morning you can eat complex carbohydrates such as rice, buckwheat. In the afternoon, preferably protein foods – chicken, eggs, seafood and so on.

And no matter how corny it sounds, but overload with food at night is harmful. For dinner is best to eat something light.

However, strictly limit yourself to food and hunger is not worth it. A hunger strike can slow metabolism and will only interfere to get in shape. Especially when you start exercise, you should not starve, because the body needs more energy to restore. Fast fatigue and stress don’t do any benefits for the body.

After the winter, it is desirable to eat more fruits and vegetables to support the body, which needs energy and vitamin complex.

Eat after six – yes, you can!

In the morning before breakfast is better to drink a glass of water, and make at least a small exercise. If you decide to go to the gym and seriously engaged in fitness, the diet is better to be alone, depending on the exercise. During the day you can eat 5-6 times, but portions should be small.

In addition, experts refute the conventional wisdom that you cannot eat after 6 pm. It is necessary to take into account your own schedule – the last meal should be about four hours before bedtime. If you go to bed at 2 am and get up at 9 am, it is not necessary to starve yourself from 6 pm – it’s too big of a break.

Fitness Group Classes

You have to understand that miracles do not happen. For those who wants to get in shape quickly need to exercise regularly. You can start with two times per week, one would not be sufficient. Ideally – to alternate power loads at the gym with cardio workouts such as running, biking, or group lessons in a fitness club/ dance studio.

By the way, pleasant emotions from the exercise will influence the effectiveness of training, because when you like what you are doing it will make a greater impact and results eventually gets better.

Fitness Group Classes if you prefer, to help get in shape faster than usual treadmills because you don’t get bored on them.

If you are unable to attend a fitness club, try to move more in everyday life. For example, instead of the elevator go up the stairs, do more walking or do exercises in the morning. Even the simple exercises like squats, kicks, push-ups or run will help.


During warmer months not necessarily go to a fitness club. Fitness can be practiced on a street, in an yard or in a city park. In many city parks you can join free yoga classes. Everyone can work out on the green lawn with professional instructors, with styles to suit every taste – from yoga for pregnant women to fly yoga. The program continues throughout the summer.

Diet patterns

For the fast weight loss one of the most effective diets considered so-called diet model, which allows you to lose up to 3-5 kg ​​for 3 days. Within three days of the scheme proposed to eat egg for breakfast, after 3 hours – 200 grams of low fat cottage cheese, and tea without sugar, even after 3 hours – another 150-170 grams of curd and tea without sugar. Diet is quite severe; you should not forget to drink plenty of water. At the same time, the greater the weight, the more you can lose. To be effective, the diet can be combined with swimming and massage.

However, longer than three or four days, to sit on such a diet will be useless. The body decides that it is “hungry times” and will use energy economically, the weight loss will go very slowly.

Fasting day

Another way to quickly clean a body and begin to lose weight – a fasting day. This day cannot hold more than one or two times per week. Select some light products like yogurt or cucumbers to be there during these days and drink a lot of water.

For example, 1.5 liters of nonfat yogurt all day normalizes the bowel and you can lose up to two kilos. Cucumbers, and you can lose more – up to 3.5 kilograms, because they are very low in calories and contains tartronic acid, slows down the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. During these days you can eat no more than 1.5 kilograms of fresh cucumbers without any sauces or spices.

Detox – cleansing the body

If the results are needed “yesterday”, it is possible to resort to emergency measures, such as rapid weight loss. But nutritionists warn that when some of these diets are a risk to quickly gain the weight back.

Detox – a body program to rid off toxins, restore energy and at the same time – get rid of unnecessary kilograms. Detox involves the rejection of the whole list of products and the absence of stress, but the most important thing – it’s not streaked restriction of food, a gradual entry into the program. Preparing for detox takes a week to a month, that is give up gradually: bread, alcohol, coffee, meat, sweets, fried and fatty food.

During a detox program, which can last from a week to two months, provided a menu of fresh juices and smoothies, salads, soups and cereals used in combination with the spa programs, yoga and so on.

The result – not far off

The correct approach to nutrition, exercise and overall healthy lifestyle will result pretty soon. Instantly find the desired shape it is impossible – this is the way, when you start out small and gradually increase.

“The first change will be seen after the first month, if all goes well and you stick to the diet, training schedule – then the difference will be visible on the scales, and well-being, and everywhere.

Of course it is good to lose weight and maintain its shape throughout the year.


Benefit of acupuncture.

Acupuncture is a method of treating diseases through a huge number of influencing body acupressure points. Carried out such pressure by introducing into the tissues of the body acupuncture needles, which are much thinner and longer medical needles. The effectiveness of acupuncture is confirmed by numerous studies, however, until the end of the nature of its action has not yet been solved. Practicing traditional Chinese acupuncture is based on the teachings of Qi energy. According to the ancient Chinese Qi fills all living beings, flowing in the body by certain paths “meridians.” Meridians are correlated with certain human organs. Balanced energy flow – the key to good health. In the formation of even minimal obstacles to the flow of energy relates to health problems. So what acupuncture is helpful, you ask? The use of acupuncture is to restore normal circulation of energy flows in the body. To determine whether acupuncture helps in the treatment of certain diseases, it is necessary to understand what happens in the body when introduced into acupuncture needles. It is proved that the effect of acupuncture not only recreates energy flow through the body, but also in stimulating the production of natural analgesic particles (endorphins), anti-inflammatory component (cortisol), natural “antidepressant” (seratonin). In the treatment of any disease manifests effectiveness of acupuncture, whether it helps? With the introduction of needles into specific acupressure points of the body revealed a positive effect of acupuncture in the treatment of sleep disorders, depression, migraine, anxiety, arthritis, neuralgia, dizziness, pain in the lumbar and cervical spine, circulatory, gastrointestinal and respiratory disorders. The course of acupuncture is assigned according to the individual patient indications for the greatest efficiency from acupuncture treatments. Usually its duration is 10-12 sessions. Acupuncture helps and it’s completely safe for humans. Performing procedures of this kind helps to strengthen the immune system, stimulates the body’s ability to cleanse itself, and also performs a regulatory function in relation to the whole organism.

Acupuncture for stress.

Associated with relationships, work, family or money, stress can have a significant impact on your physical and mental health. Over time, stress can lead to various health problems if it is not effectively manage stress. Fortunately, acupuncture treatment is a natural therapy that can help balance your mind and body by controlling the levels of stress.
What is stress?

Stress is a normal physiological response to the challenges of life. Humans and other animals have developed this mental and physical adaptation to resist the dangers of the outside world. Psychological reactions in the form of fight or flight, as you may remember from biology in high school, helping to improve the chances of survival by regulating the various systems of the body, such as hormone levels, heart rate, breathing and mental consciousness. Stress can be a positive reaction in the modern world, helping to operate more efficiently when it is necessary to work and personal life.

The nervous system is designed to activate the fight or flight response when you need it, and does not remain in the same state. Unfortunately, less dangerous, but the constant challenges of modern life activated stress response, but do not give a needed rest.

Typical symptoms of chronic stress include stiff shoulders, anxiety, depression, insomnia, fatigue, digestive problems or feelings of depression. Over time, this constant state of stress is bad for health, depleting natural reserves of energy and vitality. Modern medicine is beginning to realize the long-term effects of stress; the disease is often accelerated when a person is in high-stress, as it depresses the immune system and weakens the ability to fight disease

What is acupuncture?
Acupuncture is a therapy developed over 5,000 years ago in China. This is one of several methods of treatment practiced in traditional Oriental medicine and is often also referred to as traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). During treatment, tiny sterile needles are inserted into specific points on the body to regulate the flow of energy, called Qi. According to the theory of Oriental medicine, Qi flows through energy channels called meridians. These meridians connect the body surface with the internal organs. By Injecting acupuncture points can be adjusted function of internal organs, affecting the mental and physical aspects of the patient.

How can acupuncture relieve stress?
The complexity of modern life requires some form of stress management. Acupuncture can be an ideal therapy in combination with lifestyle changes to cope with stress and entering into a harmonious state. When the body is exposed to constant stress, the body Qi stagnates. This stagnation of Qi flow causes a variety of physical and mental symptoms such as anger, depression, cold extremities syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), strained tendons and muscles, headaches and other pain. The most common diagnosis of oriental medicine is liver qi stagnation, as the energy function of the liver is to mitigate the Qi of the body, allowing it to flow freely.

Acupuncture treatment of stress refers to the stagnation of liver qi stagnation by running the circulation of energy in the body. One of the methods of treatment called “Four Gate”, which includes acupuncture points GI4 and F3. These pairs of bilateral puncture points in anatomically similar locations on the hands and feet. Additional points can puncture the head and ears to enhance the therapeutic effect. Patients usually feel very relaxed and often fall asleep during the 30-60 minute treatment.

Treatment of stress may combine acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine, depending on the style of the doctor and the patient’s needs. Chinese herbal medicine involves the use of a wide variety of herbs, combined in formulations for calming the mind. These recipes are taken daily between visits to the acupuncturist to enhance the effect of the treatment.

Balancing mind and body.

Stress is primarily a reaction to the perception of mental life. Often the mind reinforces this disease, because it is constantly interprets many of life’s complexity. You will eventually create yourself more stress than do experience the action of these mental reactions. This type of mental tension can be particularly effectively removed by acupuncture. Deep relaxation occurring during treatment with acupuncture and similar to the effect of meditation allows you to get rid of stress.

Since acupuncture helps to relax the mind, the body returns to a more balanced state. This allows to improve the functioning of organs and systems, in turn, to cope more effectively with stress more effectively. Digestion is one of the systems of the body, which is easily damaged by stress, which leads to irritable bowel syndrome, vomiting and diarrhea. Giving support to your digestive system, the whole body becomes stronger and better cope with the next stressful situation.

Acupuncture is a natural and healthier way to manage stress than pharmaceuticals. If you are taking sleeping pills, antidepressants or tranquilizers to deal with stress, acupuncture treatment can help you reduce or eliminate the need for these drugs under medical supervision. You might even consider adding Chinese herbal medicines in their treatment program under the supervision of an acupuncturist.

Learn to relax
Being under constant pressure of stress, you may have lost touch with the natural state of deep relaxation. Acupuncture can help you fix it and facilitate stress-related illnesses. It is also worth to develop a positive attitude towards stress, knowing that life creates many difficult situations that help you grow as a person. The daily practice of meditation and deep breathing will also contribute to greater control over the reactions of the mind and to return to a relaxed state after stress. Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga – a superior form of mind-body workout that will teach you to develop a relaxed mind due to the movement.

Yoga – as a healing instrument for mind and body.

Real desire to practice yoga comes to a man as a process of perceived need. The decision had been taken independently. After yoga – it’s not just exercise – it is also a spiritual practice, contact with the ancient Eastern traditions. And it is – a unique system of healing the body – not only physical, but also on a spiritual level. Yoga heals not only the body but also the mind.

However, yoga exercises is quite tangible physical exercise, for which performance you need special equipment, such as a brick for yoga, yoga mats, meditation cushions, arch for deflections. You feel like a real yogi, if you engage in specially designed for this dress, and will get a belt for yoga.

Start doing the best with the most complex simple yoga exercises. But they will thank you good health, to increase mobility and flexibility, and improve the outlook and mood.

If you decide to do, then an hour of yoga in your life should be daily and preferably at the same time. Engage necessarily, regardless of the mood and circumstances. Exercises should be done slowly and with concentration, on an empty stomach. Do not make them at bedtime, because they have a stimulating effect. It is advisable to engage in a nice quiet music.

Ex. 1: Mountain Pose (tadasana)

With this pose in yoga begins any exercise program.

Stand with feet together. Feet should touch throughout. Knees straight. Thighs stretched. Keep your back straight. The head is raised. Shoulders back. Arms down along your body, palms facing the body. Face relaxed, you look straight ahead. Focus on the center of the body and remain in this position for one – two minutes.

Ex. 2: Tree Pose (Vrikshasana)

Exercise strengthens the nervous system, the vestibular apparatus, the leg muscles and joints.

Stand in Mountain pose. Bend the right leg, knee take aside. Take your hands and put her foot on the left thigh as high as possible. Right knee is coplanar with the body. Inhalation Lift up your hands over your head up, straighten your elbows and without bending the elbows, connect the palm. Freeze as 1 – 2 min. Repeat, changing the supporting leg.

Further posture: Triangle pose, Snakes, plows, candles can be found in any textbook of yoga. Successful lessons and healing the body!

Sound therapy

Sound therapy – Treatment of sounds Sound therapy – treatment for sound, scientists discovered that when exposed to the sounds of the human body, whether it’s beautiful music, birds singing, bells ringing and other sounds going on bio-resonance phenomenon, not just an emotional impact, as previously thought. Loud and aggressive sounds negative effect on the body’s internal rhythms and adversely affect the operation of bodies.

Sound therapy treatment affects a person, it can soothe and cheer up, sounds can heal. Sound therapy – an interesting but little-studied area of medicine. The therapeutic effect arises from the oscillation frequency of the different sounds that resonate with the various organs of the body. Sounds bioresonance have compatibility with the vibrations of the internal organs, is based on this positive effect of treatment sounds. According to scientists music sound vibrations trigger many of the mechanisms of higher nervous activity in the unconscious patient and start the healing process.

According to experts, the gastrointestinal tract corresponds to the resonant frequency of the note F, the note to contribute to the treatment of psoriasis, the combination of notes B, G, and to help in the treatment of cancer patients. Scientists have studied under a microscope the diseased cells, under the influence of the sound waves are reduced cell functioning. Therapy sounds of nature – one of the directions of sound therapy. Treatment of sounds is especially useful for residents of cities. After a day of work, it’s good to listen a disk with the sounds of nature. Interior of the house and sounds for relaxation will help restore emotional balance.

To human health is very useful sounds emitted by dolphins. Treatment dolphins sounds based on high frequency sounds such. The frequency varies from a few tens of hertz to 200 kilohertz. Treatment of the sounds of dolphins is very good for people suffering from brain damage, infertility. In more than 70% of cases there is an improvement.

Tibetan medicine combined massage and sound therapy, creating a healing therapy Tibetan bowls. This sound massage has been known for over two thousand years. Tibetans have long used special singing bowls, meditation as a means of achieving harmony through sound. They are made of a unique alloy. The patient’s body and put the bowl on the edges of the bowl drive a stick of pine or rosewood, and extract sounds which have no analogues in the world. Vibration occurs at odds throughout the body, affecting the internal organs.

Doctors are actively using the therapeutic effects of music, the music can be heard more often in dental offices and even operating.

Voice is also sound. Studies confirm the healing effect of certain sounds on the human body.

-Sound U promotes ventilation;

– Sounds of A and O positive effect on the whole body, activate all the cells of the body;

– Sound Yu beneficial effect on the kidneys, bladder, relieves spasms;

– Sound E removes negative emotions;

– Sound H activates creativity;

– Sound B has the impact on the nervous system and spinal cord;

– Sound P good for the heart and blood vessels, lowers blood pressure.

Sound therapy or treatment of sound can be carried out at home. Just ten minutes is enough to relax the body, disappeared muscle tension and stress. But only slow music helps to relax. Rhythm and tempo tune with our heart, which should beat about 80 times per minute. If you listen to fast fiery music, the heart beats faster, blood circulation is enhanced and now the music is ready to whirl you into the dance. Often dance to upbeat music, dance useful for working muscles and cardiovascular system.

In just 10 minutes, your body has developed the hormone of happiness – you will feel the joy and lightness of the body. Music for meditation, ritual, religious music to help keep youth. Meditation session is better to do before the bedtime, lying on the back, arms lie along the body, eyes closed, focus on music and in a couple of weeks you’ll notice, that the skin has improved, fine wrinkles smoothed and your feel much better about yourself.

Jazz, his energetic sound, active rhythms help stimulate blood circulation, making the heart work better.

Works of classical music have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, improve mood.

Music for health and mood of sound therapy, meditation from feelings of anxiety and uncertainty Chopin prelude №6, opus 28 Strauss On the Beautiful Blue Danube “Rubinstein Symphony” Ocean “2.

From irritability Bach cantata №2, Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata (№ 14) Beethoven, symphony № 7 3.

To soothe-relaxation: Beethoven, Brahms symphony number 6, “Lullaby” Schubert “Ave Maria” by F. Chopin nocturne number 3 Debussy “Moonlight”

To raise the tone, feel better: P. Tchaikovsky, symphony number 6 Beethoven Overture “Egmont” F. Chopin prelude number 3, opus 28, Liszt, Hungarian Rhapsody number 2.

Should not listen to music by wearing headphones: Without them your ear headphones to protect the air, acting as a filter, and with headphones your ears hear sounds only a certain range, and loaded only certain auditory receptors, from this you will eventually be worse perceive sounds in a certain range. The exceptions are certain types of music for meditation, which are calculated on the fact that the sounds of different frequencies are fed to the left and right hemisphere through headphones, for example music Jeffrey Thompson.

It’s dangerous for the hearing also the sound of 80 decibels and louder as well as longer monotonous sound. He has a negative impact on the hearing and the nervous system.


Proper breathing while running.

Proper running includes many components. Is not enough to learn how to hold the correct position of the body and the right way to put the feet, breathing technique is also important when running. There are a number of opinions on how to breathe properly while running. But all experts agree that when running breathing should be uncomplicated, free and easy. So how do you learn to breathe correctly?
Breathing should be natural.
For new runners are very difficult to concentrate on proper breathing – you have a lot of things to keep in mind: how to hold the body, where to put the feet and how to move the arms. The most benefits and pleasures from running can be obtained only when running is completely natural. Because it is important not to focus on your breathing – just breathe. But let admitted that breathing process is very important and require proper breathing technique for different kind of running.

So, jogging should be accompanied by uncomplicated, free breathing. Moreover, experts recommend breathe exclusively through the nose. If a runner novices not enough air, then he/she should slow down &continue to breathe through the nose. If there is an urgent need to breathing through the mouth, it means the body’s oxygen starvation. In this case, for a few seconds switch your breathing through the mouth, especially, if you run along the river or in the woods to enjoy the breath of nature.
By the way, before jogging is necessary to warm up – this will prepare for stress not only the muscles, but also the other systems of the body. During the warm-up it is important to exhale all the exercises that take place on the compression of the thorax. Accordingly, if the chest expands, you need to breathe in. All the exercises are accompanied by such a flexible breathing: in the end of the exercise performed exhalation, and during small leaning forward or standing – a breath in.

Proper breathing while running: Highlights
Experienced runners Recommend to breathe using the diaphragm or lower abdomen. That is, there should be no breath surface through the upper section of the chest. How to learn? Training should be walking, if not in a calm state. First we need to take a deep breath, thus inflating the stomach.
When slow running is best to exhale and inhale carried out after 3-4 steps. But first, worth training to breathe through 2 steps. You can also try a breathing rhythm of walking. When breathing is a habit, it’s time to run.
Breathing while running in a winter it should be done through a nose! When breathing through a mouth – hypothermia and respiratory tract contamination is inevitable. After all, when running in the open air all kinds of micro-organisms and dust settle on the tonsils, fall into the trachea and bronchi. As a result may develop infections and colds.

Three types of breathing while running

Some experts proper breathing while running is divided into three types, emphasizing that not all conveniently breathe only through the nose. So distinguished:

compressed lips inhaling and exhaling
breath in through a nose, exhale through your mouth,
inhale through your mouth, exhale through your mouth.

The usefulness of each type of respiratory specialists explained certain theories:

Nose breathing is advantageous because the air during passage through the mucosa, warmed and humidified. Consequently, this prevents the cooling and drying of the upper airways. At the same time, nasally air resistance stronger than the mouth.
When you inhale the nose and exhale through the mouth airway is not supercooled. At the same breath out through the mouth allows you to quickly cleanse the body of gas. It is believed that novice runners who find it difficult to breathe exclusively nose should start with this breathing technic. In this case, do one inhale in two steps and two steps to do exhale.
Mouth breathing provides easy and quick inhale and exhale.

It should be noted, proper breathing while running not only makes it easier to run, but also contributes to the improvement of the body, anti-aging, improves carbohydrate metabolism, liver and gastrointestinal tract. So seek the right and need to breathe deeply as often as possible.


How useful walk in the fresh air?

Walking in the fresh air has a very beneficial effect on the human body. In addition to the general strengthening, it makes a series of changes: increase in breathing, increased heart function, blood system works better. As a consequence, improves metabolism, sweat is released, which helps to eliminate toxins from the body.

Walking as well strengthens the muscles of the body, ligaments and joints, musculoskeletal system as a whole. It also contributes to the formation of a correct posture. Not to mention the fact that walking will help you get rid of extra fat. In general, while walking in the body is a shake-up of all fluids. This happens every time you take a step. Thus walk will prevent your body from elementary stagnation.

During the walk you move. A movement is very necessary for our body. It charges itself with energy, gives it strength. As a result, the body becomes fitter, increases immunity and as a result, you will less become sick. The air that you breathe nourishes the cells with the right amount of oxygen that you cannot obtain in a locked apartment.

Walking in the fresh air is extremely beneficial for the nervous system. If you are angry, feel luck of energy, you tired of the everyday worries or something disturbing, a nice walk might help you to get rid of them. While walking, your mind has been cleaned. Try when walking or think about anything intently. Usually thought sprung to mind. You can think about the future, but you can be nostalgic about the past. Walk around the places that you suggest to some memories. Or just admire nature, if the place is suitable.

In short you will make an immeasurable benefit to your body by walking in the fresh air every day and as much as possible. You will notice that you have become more calm and confident.

What is the benefit of yoga?

The practice of yoga, there is a century, and has passed the test of time. It is optimal for the human body. Yoga practices allow the body to remain flexible and in good shape, and maintain its functions in an active state. In the prevention of disease and prolonging life yogic practices are incomparable in their results with other systems. Yoga-it’s the best of what human ingenuity has created.

Yoga exercises create harmony and balance in all functional systems of the body by means of appropriate practices and strengthen every part of the body. They also enable us to develop full control over bodily functions and mental activities so that you can maintain good health throughout life. Even elderly people can stop the aging process, as slows the decay of tissues, and leveled all the ravages of age. Poor eyesight, gray hair, loss of teeth, flabby muscles, wrinkled skin, stoop, decreased joint mobility and others. Negative signs of aging are eliminated.

If the practice of Yoga adamantly performs with due concentration and understanding, the result will appear in a few weeks. Regular practice will strings your nervous, lymphatic systems, muscles and help keep them in good condition. Chest muscles will become stronger and the respiratory tracts are cleared. Blood circulation improves and its tributary can be sent to any organ or gland without much stress the heart. Food will be absorbed better, and its waste will be excreted from the body faster. Internal organs and endocrine glands will work optimally. Spine change shape and become more flexible. Reproductive function will improve their work. The body becomes light and flexible, with better neuro-muscular coordination and more efficient metabolic processes. With an increase inthe flexibility of the body and mind, feelings also change for the better.

Influence of Yoga and Health:
•The body, through the practice of yoga becomes proportional to size and there is a natural harmony and functional balance between the various bodies, which leads to better healthand well-being.
• All parts of the body are included in the practice with minimal effort, without weariness and excessive heat and sweat.
•Yogic exercises string the weak parts of the body without shortness of breath and fast breathing during sport activities. They are particularly effective in strengthening the muscles of the abdomen.
•Enslaved muscles regain their elasticity. Joint mobility is also increased and restored even in old age.
•Involuntary muscles are developed and managed with the help of concentrated pressure on them.
•Improves the heart and the entire cardiovascular system.
• You can achieve conscious control over most of the autonomic functions of the body, which is not possible with other physical exercises.
•Minor structural and functional abnormalities can be corrected, and harmonious development of the whole body is achieved through the practice of asana. Weak abdominal muscles, the curve of the back, protruding flabby thighs, bent shoulders, sunken chest can be corrected, and their shape can be restored. The spine becomes straight and flexible. All parts of the body become symmetrical position, which leads to an improvement inposture.
•Yoga helps to get rid of obesity by removing excess fat, and distributing the remaining throughout the body in the correct proportions. Weight loss occurs through the implementation of key practices.
•Asana helps regulate weight. If your weight is too low, it will increase if the above-decrease.
•Formed proper breathing.
•Blood pressure returned to normal, and more blood flows to the tissues more.
•Eye colorbecomes more vividanddeepvoice. Waistbecomesslim.
•excretion of undigested food residues will be more regular and the accumulated toxins in the body will be displayed easily without additional medication.
• You can get rid of the use of tranquilizers and stimulants with negative side effects.
•While working on the cause of sickness, you can avoid a lot of psychosomatic disorders without the intervention of doctors and medicines.
• High level of endurance and resistance to disease develops due to the proper functioning and high efficiency of the internal organs, and the formation of internal bodily mechanism boots trapping.
• Even after a long illness yoga practice accelerate the recovery process, as they restore and conserve energy and increase vitality.
• Significantly increases the ability to withstand heat and cold, to overcome the pain and stress loads
•Yoga teaches the art of relaxation. Fatigue, as muscular and mental, is eliminated. There is a relaxation and increased adaptability.
•All voltages are: physical, mental, emotional have gradually been eliminated, the body, mind and emotions function harmoniously to the very elderly.

Practice Yoga and Spiritual Achievements
• The yogic practices, you can achieve benefits such as a higher level of awareness, mental tranquility, sereneclarity.
• Continuous practice allows for greater control over emotions, because mind gradually freed from the influence of the senses.
•The practice of yoga helps to curb disorderly thoughts and increase the power of concentration.
•Yoga, as a practical discipline that enables to draw attention inward, and as a result, formed by the integration of the individual and awakened a new consciousness. When the consciousness is turned inward and sedated, feelings under control, animal passions restrained, a strong desire to satisfy them disappears, the temptations of the outside world are no longer free, then there is a state of inner calm. Illusions disappear and all your thoughts, words and deeds become significant and meaningful.


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In most cases the disease develops on the basis of spiritual dissatisfaction.It brings to mind the negative mental processes that destroy physical health, and provokes the appearance of diseases.

For example, a person is worried for their children, not satisfied with the work,to be annoyed by a spouse, and so on. Experiencing, dissatisfaction, irritability indicate a mental health disorder. Through various events-relaxation, auto genic training, self-hypnosis- it is possible to recover the lost mental balance. But at the same time,we need to understand what causes feelings of dissatisfaction and more deeply-in the field of mental health, where the tone is set by”prompting.” And while people will not work through“prompting” that make them worry, be unhappy and annoyed, they won’t reach the mental balance.It is only are spite until the next conflict, after which everything will start again(the worries for children and insomnia after this, job dissatisfaction and depression, irritation to the spouse and headaches, indigestion, liver disease).

Spiritual health, as opposed to mental, recovered by reflecting on one way or another” prompting ” and decision-based thinking that other modes of action and life in general. As a result of such revaluation,people very differently and more intelligently relates: to their children, work, spouse, successes and failures as a whole.

After working through“prompting” – disappear the basis for any kind of unrest.So after the spiritual heal this restored mental and physical heal this acquired.

One of the best ways to restore emotional and mental streng this outdoor recreation.To do this, select the scenic area and rest there for a few days.Try to minimize the communicate with people, especially strangers.

Very useful for harmonizing your body’s natural rhythms is to get up early to watch the sunrise as well as to accompany it to sunset.During the day enjoy the contact with nature: inhale its fragrance, listen to its sounds, “drink” clean air. “Saturate” yourself and every cell of your body with a life force of nature.Do not load your mind day to day things; try to feel the greatness of every moment of a life walking through unspoiled nature and through yourself. Enjoy this state.If you do so, you quickly restore power and return the lost harmony.

Massage Energy.

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Anyone who wants to become a good massage therapist should know how body muscles are constructed and how they function. To perform the most efficient massage you need to follow the natural contours of the body.
Your body can be divided into three main parts. First large part is from the base of the ridge to the head. Second is from the waist down to the foot fingertips. Third is from the collarbones to the fingertips on your hands. The muscle’s shape in the first region from the top of the skull to the sacrum has a rounded shape and energy comes from the top down and backwards. When a fetus is creating the head is developing first then a spine with a chest after arms and legs. Thus, we see that these parts are the pieces of the same unity and need to massage them as one integrally. Secondary, fields of energy move down from the waist to the feet. While the body moves starting from the ground and overcomes the force of gravity with the legs, the circulation is pointing down as this part is in contact with the ground and it is the lowest part of the body, designed so that we could produce pusher movements. Third region – upper part of the hand forearms, elbow wrists, the hand and fingers together a compelling one single integer, which draws energy in the body, this part is designed to pull on. Dan second and third areas the device musculature linear and energy comes from the waist up and down. Arms are used to attract energy to the body, to pull, to express emotions and help express our mental movements. Fingertips are the most important parts of our hands because they are energy transmitters. All kinds of very accurate human’s activities produce with their fingers. There are many miracles associated with the sense of touch and transfer of energy through the fingertips from one person to another (like a massage therapist performing a massage).

When massage is performing on the upper front of the body, massage need to be done down from the face to the neck and then to the chest and abdomen to the waist, but on the back – the hands of a massage therapist should move up from the base of the spine to the base of the skull and outside of the spine to the chest.

Importance of physical activities.

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The most important factor for survival after air, water, salt and food – it’s exercise. Exercise is more important for human health than sex, entertainment or anything else that is able to bring pleasure. The following paragraphs explain the importance of exercise for good health and a long pain-free life.

Exercise improves the cardiovascular system and helps prevent hypertension. Physical activities open capillaries in muscle tissues lead to normal blood pressure and blood sugar level.

Physical exercises help build muscles.

Exercise direct activity of fat-burning enzymes for the production of energy necessary for muscle activity. During training is changing the source of energy for muscle activity: instead of using energy as a source of sugar circulating in the bloodstream, the body uses the fat accumulated in the muscles themselves and other parts of the body.

Exercise causes the muscles to burn some of the amino acids that can reach toxic levels. Raising the level of individual amino acids in the blood as a result of sedentary lifestyles can lead to irreparable damage and devastation reserves other vital amino acids. Some of the “doomed to die” essential amino acids are constantly needed for the production of brain neurotransmitters. Two of these essential amino acids – is tryptophan, and tyrosine. The brain uses tryptophan for the production of serotonin, melatonin, tryptamine and indolamine – antidepressants, responsible for the regulation of glucose levels and blood pressure. Tyrosine is used for the production of epinephrine, norepinephrine and dopamine required to coordinate physiological processes every time a person has to perform physical activities, for example: fight, run or play sports. Depletion of a tyrosine in an amino acid composition of the reserves of the body, among other things, is the main factor causing Parkinson’s disease.

Untrained muscles gradually destroyed. As a result of excretion of lost muscle tissue breakdown of the reserves of zinc and vitamin B6 that at a certain stage of the process can lead to the development of various mental disorders and neurological complications. This is also the cause of many autoimmune diseases, including muscular weakness.

Exercise causes the muscles to hold in reserve more water, prevent the increase in blood concentrations that might otherwise damage the cells of the inner membrane of blood vessel walls.
Physical exercises lower the level of blood sugar in diabetic patients and reduce their insulin requirements.

Exercise causes the liver to produce sugar from a fat which it lays or that circulates in blood.

Exercise contributed to the increasing mobility of joints. Joint motion creates a vacuum within the intermittent joint cavities. Vacuum force helps absorption of water in the cavity. Water in joint cavities brings dissolved nutrients in the cartilage cells. Increased content of water in the cartilage also provides additional lubrication and a smooth sliding along the surface of the articular bones.

Leg muscles function as auxiliary hearts. Cutting and relaxing when we are in the upright position, the leg muscles overcome the force of gravity. They pumped the blood into the venous blood system, which was sent to the legs. With hoggers pressure – and one-way valves in the veins – the frequent reduction of leg muscles push the blood in the veins upwards against the force of gravity. Thus, the muscles of the legs act as a sort of the heart of the venous system of the body. This is one of the advantages of exercise, which are still far too few people appreciate. Among other things, the legs muscles stimulate the same intensive circulation of the lymphatic system, thereby removing a swelling on the legs.

Physical exercise strengthens bones and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Exercise stimulates the production of vital hormones, increase libido and improve sexual activity.

One hour of walking causes activation of fat-burning hormones that remain active for 12 hours. Walking in the morning and evening will provide around the clock activity of these hormones help cleanse the blood vessels from cholesterol deposits and get rid of excess fat reserves.

Physical exercise increases the activity of adrenaline -driven sympathetic nervous system. Furthermore, overproduction of epinephrine inhibits histamine and thereby helps to prevent asthma attacks and allergic reactions – provided that proper hydration of the body.

Physical exercise increases the production of endorphins and enkephalins, the natural opiates of the body. They allow you to achieve the same excitement which junkies are trying to achieve with the help of drugs.

Train the body endurance is better than the rate or the development of muscle mass. When choosing exercises, it is best to look at them in terms of their long-term use. Anyone who runs long distance will enjoy the results of this type of physical activity to the old age.

The best form of exercise, the benefits of which you can use even in an old age, without causing any harm to the joints – is walking. Among other exercises increasing stamina include swimming, golf, skiing, skating, hiking, tennis, squash, cycling, tai chi, dance and aerobics. When choosing exercise their ability to vote for a long time to maintain the activity of fat-burning enzymes. Outdoors exercise is better than indoors. Outside you will find a better connection with “nature.”

Why good sleep is so important for your health?

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Did you know that most people spend a third of their life in a sleep? If your sleep is good and strong, your cells regenerate faster, which slows down the aging, so the quality of sleep is vital for your health.

Good sleep also gives you the opportunity to fully relax and helps you to be in good shape.
Sleep and health.
You should know that lack of sleep can have a short-term as well as long-term adverse effects on your health.
Lack of good sleep causes a lot of psychological and health problems such as:
weakened immune system,
anxiety, etc.
The positive effect of good and regular sleep.
It strengthens the immune system, which plays an important role in protecting the body from diseases.
Good sleep cares about proper and smooth functioning of the brain. Efficiency of the brain becomes much higher if you slept well.
Good sleep improves the ability to concentrate. And last but not least – a good sleep prevents the development of mental illnesses.
Some tips for a better and healthy sleep:

-Always go to bed and wake up at the same time in the evening / morning.
-If you cannot fall asleep within 15-20 minutes, get up and do something that can make you tired / sleepy and calm.
-Do not eat too much at night, but do not go to bed hungry.
– If you have difficulty to fall a sleep at night, avoid short naps.
-Ventilate the room before going to bed and make sure that you have the optimal temperature in the bedroom.
-Drink a glass of milk before bed, because it contains calcium (to help relax) and some other ingredients that help you to have a quality sleep.
-Avoid drinking coffee and alcohol in an afternoon plus try not to smoke in the evening.
-Take a relaxing warm bath before bedtime.
-Avoid physical activity or complex jobs right before a bedtime.
-Sleep on a bed wide enough to be able to stretch out comfortably.

What are the benefits of fresh vegetables?

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Now day’s vegetables are an integral element of our diet. Scientists have long recognized that vegetables strengthen and support our immune system, prevent the development of disease, normalize digestion, deliver into the human body necessary mineral elements, organic acids, vitamins, pectin fiber, carbohydrates and more.So, let’s just look at some useful vegetable substances. Many people think that cucumbers are composed only with water. But in fact, it’s not the case. Cucumber is only composed with 96 % of water. All the rest is magnesium, iron, chlorine, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, calcium, and zinc. Eating cucumber every day helps cleanse the body. More cucumbers perfectly quench hunger and stimulate digestion.

Amid vegetables carrots stores the most carotene, carotene transforms into vitamin A. This vitamin is very useful for immunity and for vision. Also carrots have other valuable properties, namely: vitamins E, C, B, PP, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iodine, and other microelements. Carrot juice has a lot of health benefits. It purifies the blood, normalizes metabolism and eliminate toxins from the body.
The most popular vegetable is a tomato. Tomatoes contain the desired substances, such as: pantothenic acid, organic acids, mineral salts, pectin, carotene, nitrogenous substances, alkaloids, glucose, vitamins E, C, A , Rd, K. A frequent consumption of tomatoes helps to reduce blood pressure, confrontation thrombosis, rejuvenate the skin, strengthen the immune system, improve mood, optimize your digestion system and more.

Eat vegetables and be healthy!

Head Scalp Massage

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Properly executed scalp massage is unsurpassed source of a good mood. Systematic relaxing massage has many beneficial properties. It strengthens the hair, resulting in muscle tone, as well as the positive effect on a mood, health and well-being.

Of course it is difficult to do a classic massage without using a variety of tools and resources that contribute to more pleasant sensations, as well as increase the efficiency of the procedure. Head massage normally is done not on wet hair. This rule is based on the fact that in this case the massage means is not absorbed and does not dissolve, but only maintains its healing qualities.

Head massage at home:

Perform hand movements similar to those that you do when you wash your hair 5-6 minutes. Massage & rub the skin surface. Then take a wooden comb and comb the hair in different directions.

Grasp with your fingers over the origin of the hair and lead along the way to the tips. Relaxing effect is based on the fact that using such manipulations increases blood flow to the head and it is oxygenated.

Grasp the hair and slowly pull , strengthening and relaxing the tension . Nearing the end of the massage movements should become more soft and delicate, the skin should calm down.

When the procedure is over, comb and brush your hair. This should be done in a counterclockwise circular motion.
On average, it will take 10-15 minutes to do a head massage, but even the “five-minute shake-up for the most important part of the body “ is able to give you more energy and improve your brain activity.

Pay particular attention to massage tools, creams and oil that you use , if your scalp is dry, you should use the nutritional formula cream or oil.
If you have sensitive skin, massage is best done with the use of a sedative. In general, for any type of skin is the best balm or lotion containing jojoba oil.

This oil is often used in classic massage and has properties that are compatible with the most fat component of the scalp. The jojoba oil able to “cheer up, refresh and recharge the vital force“ for the skin of any type.
Good head massage will eliminate the pain, remove a fatigue and improve your health!
Foot massage.

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Foot massage – unique, very relaxing procedure that brings indescribable pleasure, relieve feet fatigue, brining leg muscles and the whole body in tone.

Massage of any part of the body – it’s not only brings you surprisingly pleasant feelings and relaxation, but also improving your health.
While healing the body, this procedure will relieve tension from the muscles and thoughts from your mind as well as brines peace for the soul. But the most pleasant and helpful foot massage.

Foot massage technique.
A foot massage is different from a regular back massage. The difference is that in the first case, the impact is not only on the muscles themselves, but also a positive effect for the whole body for a simple reason. At the feet there are huge set of points which are responsible for the condition of the entire body.

For example, in the arch of the foot a huge concentration of points, correlating with the spine, the stimulation of this area will remove the pain in your back and bring relief to the body. A massage of toes has beneficial effects on the eyes, ears, teeth and nasal air channels.
Some points corresponding to the internal organs, the general state of a health and even the mood of the person. That is why foot massage leads to: better overall health, relieve of various aches and allows you to have long and healthy life.

Manicure and Pedicure – healthy benefits.

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Today spas offer all kinds of manicure and pedicure services (from a classic to more advance). Classic with a cream massage and hot paraffin manicure and pedicure will leave your skin soft and beautiful. Nail gel technology is improving for hands and feet with bio- plates and strengthening natural aquarium design.

Manicure is considered the hallmark of a woman. It’s no secret that the skin on the hands is aging faster over-time, it will give the true age of the hostess. A real lady -you need to take care of your skin, and the state of the nails. Well, if you can show off your own great strong nails, but if not, you might consider to get help from the spa professionals. Weak nails in a cold or a hot climate are very common. Spa experts are ready to offer you a wide range of treatments for skin care and nail care. In many spas, it is already possible to use the latest technology of gel nails and nail care for them: at your disposal bio -gel, gel nail polish, unique nail design and more.
Many people underestimate the importance of a pedicure, but this is the base of the feet health. On the feet are a lot of active points and nerve endings. In addition, well-groomed feet – this is a very beautiful and attractive. To achieve this you need a constant and thorough feet care, including massage, feet masks, feet baths and pedicures. Do not underestimate the importance of a pedicure, meaning it’s not only a removing of the rough skin and nail shaping. This is – a set of procedures designed to relieve a fatigue, heaviness in the legs, improve circulation, increase skin elasticity and improve overall health. In addition, a good esthetician is able not only to prevent but also to help you solve the particular problems associated with the feet. Having tried once a pedicure service, you will be surprised how beneficial it affects the general condition of your body and increases energy.

Healthy benefits of a massage.

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From ancient times, massage is applied to drug-free treatment and prevention of various diseases. For many thousands of years, the methods and techniques of massage have been continuously improved. Therefore, after the lapse of centuries, it did not lose its value, but continues to consistently prove its effectiveness and is widely used around the world.

There are many varieties of massage. A massage is use as overall treatment and recovery, as a point, and facial massage, and many, many more. Each of them brings some benefits to the human body.
It is well known that massage has a positive effect on our skin. This is because, as a result of therapeutic massage with skin mechanically removes the smallest scales of the epidermis. As a result, improves skin respiration and excretory processes of sweat and sebaceous glands increase. Therefore, this becomes soft and supple skin after the massage.

In addition, skin has a lot of receptors through which it plays the role of a bridge between our bodies and the environment. Also, the skin is involved in immunological, oxidative and metabolic no stop processes in our body. Done this situation a massage is the best treatments to strengthen the functions of the skin.
A massage has positive effect on our heart and muscles, and when massaging the abdomen of hypertensive blood pressure is lowered. Depending on the method used, massage has a health affect on: the surface and the deeper tissues of the body, its many systems and functions. Plus, it has a useful effect for the whole body.

All this, of course, is just wonderful. But we all know how difficult it is sometimes to find a time to visit a massage clinic.
Spa as a health culture

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Modern man is constantly feeling the heavy loads from heavy rhythm and a wrong way of life, a “bad” environment, a lot of stress, informational overload. This condition leads to a weakening of the immune function and ultimately to disease, weight gain, deterioration of skin, internal organs, hair, increased excitability, irritability, sleep disturbances, and other important functions.

Traditional ways to relax – alcohol, food and sauna for many people does not help any more, the body can’t withstand. After this description of our lives, many questions arise: ” What do you do? How to help yourself to relieve fatigue after a busy day at work? How to learn to be in harmony with yourself? ”
Spa – an abbreviation of the Latin “Sanus per Aquam”, or ” Sanitas pro Aqua”, which translated from Latin means ” health through water ” or ” health through water .” This concept is known since ancient Rome, where for the treatment of ailments using thermal springs and thermal baths. Today Spa – use minerals, marine and fresh water, marine algae and salt, mud and medicinal plants. Action Spa- procedures is aimed at rehabilitation and relaxation of the whole body. By acting through the skin, Spa- components activate the metabolism, improve blood circulation, remove toxins and waste products from the body and improve overall health and saturate the body with energy.

Each spa provides different treatments for stress relief, restoration of vitality, self-care, where all services are complementary and mutually reinforcing. Spa-treatment – an excellent gift. Especially because some of them you can visit or invite them to you for a spa party together with your partner or friends.
Spa- club menu is impossible to imagine without such services as massage. Massage – one of the oldest forms of healing exists in many forms: classical, health, medical, lymphatic drainage , cellulite, aromatherapy, honey, relaxing, sports, deep tissue, ayurvedic and etc.

Tibetan Massage is the oldest healing practice, which account for more than 5 thousand years. All massage is based on two main principles of influence – is energy work and manual exposure.
Ayurveda – the “science of longevity” helps to maintain good health and natural beauty. This science was first described about 5 thousand years ago, the Indian seers. Ayurveda teaches that the harmonization of the three dosh – the subtle energies ( wool, pitta and kapha ) , leads to the development of three aspects – physical, emotional and spiritual . All Ayurvedic practices designed to restore the balance of these forces rather than deal with the consequences of its violation.

Spa has a wide application of a thalasso therapy. Thalasso therapy – a healing effect on the body of marine products: seaweed, sea water, sea mud, sea salt. The most significant impact of sea foods have on the level of hydration, ion exchange, supplementation of calcium deficiency, acceleration of metabolic exchange and stimulation of protective functions of humans .

Why do we need massage?

Massage as a form of body care, is popular in women and men since time immemorial.

Want to return to the beauty and elasticity of your skin and your body? Just two or three weeks of regular massage treatments – and you’re back in shape!

Massage – is one of the most effective treatments, anti-aging and skin aging . And the secret of the miraculous power of massage is very simple! The fact is that during the massage procedure enhanced circulation in the massaged area, which ensures oxygenation of body cells, accelerates metabolism and quick removes of unwanted cell wastes.

After the massage increases mood and performance, relieves mental and physical fatigue, normalizes sleep and activates the body’s defenses. Cannot be overstated beneficial effects of massage on the nervous system, good posture, flexibility and muscle strength, elastic skin!

There are many types of massage, each of which has its beneficial qualities. To get the maximum effect of the massage, it is necessary to know the basic techniques and their purpose.

Classic massage is performed using massage oils, creams or gels. Use of any means of massage depends on the task, when wellness or relaxing massage oil can be used with aromatic components or when therapeutic massage creams or gels used with therapeutic ingredients to the cosmetic – special tools for facial skin care, etc.

Very useful light body massage bya shower – cold and hot. The main condition to water jets – “tight” and strong. They are sent to different parts of the body so that massaging the skin occurs from the center to the extremities. After this procedure, no longer than 20 minutes, you must not rub but sponge your body with a towel and walk awhile with no clothes to get the air bath.

Very good effect gives a massage with a natural bristle brush or a rag glove. With this massage from the skin removes dried (dead) cells, the skin becomes soft and smooth. With regular passage of this procedure your body will stay young for a long time, and the skin – healthy and beautiful!

The main principle in the performance of massage is a sequence of all the basic techniques: stroking, rubbing, kneading and vibration or shaking.

Unfortunately, many of us are affected by stress. As a result, it’s not only our mental health is suffered, but also the body. To be always in a good mood, do not pay attention to depressive factors and remain in the resource state.