Face & Nails

facial treatment  60 min Classic Spa Facial $129.00

The Classic Spa Facial helps maintain a healthy complexion. The procedure includes deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and a nourishing masque.  Final scenario depends on the client skin type and condition.

 Facial treatment  100 min Spa Facial Plus $189.00

The facial and decollete treatment including deep pore cleansing, exfoliation and a nourishing masque complete with face, head and neck massage.

ReflexologyMassage  90 min Nails and Pedicure Combo $119.00

Classic Spa manicure and pedicure combo with protocols adjusted to every customer’s particular needs.

legs massage  75 min Pedicure & Leg/Feet massage $119.00

Classic Spa pedicure and leg/feet cream massage with focusing on the problematic area of client’s feet.

Please note:

1. Treatment products may vary by Spa Smart service areas/locations.

2. .Not all Services may be available in your area and/or in your private setting.