Event’s spa services help to attract potential clients to your exhibition/booth/table. These services can be used for a work healthy day or occasion to keep team spirit and staff appreciation.

Express services:

Ladies: 15min express manicure (cut, nail file, nail polish)
Gentlemen: 15min express manicure (cut and clean their nails and hand cream massage)
Male/Female option: 15min (25min) hand massage (with scrub)

For each nail technician $120.00/hour (minimum 2 hours)

Male/Female: 5-15min express massages (upper back, shoulders, neck, head)
For each massage therapist $120.00/hour* (minimum 2 hours)

Work schedule for each spa professional:
10min – break after two hours of work (morning)
30min – lunch break after 4 hours of work
10min – break after two hours of work (afternoon)

Please note that any other services can be added from our Spa Party menu.

*   Surcharge in some Spa Smart service areas will apply.