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Drawing both on ancient philosophies and contemporary thinking, Spa Smart Calgary offers a range of treatments designed to optimize your emotional, physical and mental well-being. The services include massages, bodywork, nails, esthetics - each to be a perfect source of holistic renewal, relaxation and rejuvenation. Kids Spa, self-spa and spa-party programs are also available as mobile / house call service in every corner of Calgary, bringing complete tranqulity and rebalancing to your home, office or a hotel room, despite you are one of the locals or just traveling in Greater Calgary Area.
Where besides Calgary can you track dinosaurs, ride a steam train and relax in the spa in the same day? Where art thou? All over the place. Calgarians love their arts and culture, and they have the galleries, theatres, concert halls and festivals to prove it. Outside Calgary's city limits there's some pretty beautiful countryside, if we do say so ourselves. And it's different no matter which way you go. Foothills, mountains, prairie or Badlands it's all captivating.
Hot springs, destination spas, urban spas, health spas, wellness resorts, recreation and athletic centres you name it, the scope of wellness experiences in Alberta is sure to complement your vacation choices. Pamper yourself with a Calgary spa vacation package from Spa Smart in convenience of your hotel room. Our Calgary branch offers an extensive menu of facials, massages and body treatments all around Greater Calgary region.


My husband & I wanted to get pampered without spending a huge fortune. Rudy and I emailed several times to work out the details of our visit. We had some medical issues to deal with and he was very helpful. My husband had a massage. I had a massage, body scrub and a wrap. The therapists were professional and very helpful. We go to Banff several times a year and are looking forward to a return visit. The spa smart is accurate, peaceful, relaxing and well worth going for. They are almost the only spa establishment in Banff to accept wayspa and spa finder gift certificates. We are also looking forward to try their therapists here in Spa Smart Calgary.

Mary McColly Mon, 12/24/2012 - 12:53

My girlfriend had me go in for a 90 min. Swedish Massage because my back has been aching for months from working on a computer 10+ hrs a day. WOW did I need that!! I really was skeptical about how much it would help but it's been a week and still no more pain. The therapist used a very special device during my massage. It’s called Acupuncture Applicator,  I bought one and now am using it at home, - a magic stick to treat back pain! Really a smart spa! I've only been to a handful of spas in my life so I can't compare it to many, but Spa Smart here in Calgary was really great. I'll be back!

Henry Scwartzcopff Mon, 12/24/2012 - 13:22

My Spa Smart therapist, "Vladi”, came up into my Calgary hotel’s room for a Spa Smart specialty, the "Tui Na Massage" (90 minutes, $180). It combines some Swedish Massage technique (done on a massage table instead of the traditional padded floor mat) and some shiatsu, and some Chinese cupping massage and some primitive accupuncture. Both the touch and tools soothe muscles tension and aches. This is a seriously therapeutic massage. Vladi did some incredibly deep work on my body, working along the energy pathways of the body. Sometimes it was a little uncomfortable, with the acupuncture therapy involved, but I think, he was really getting in there and breaking up muscle adhesions. He started by massaged my back and arms with oil, with brisk, strong and skillful strokes, then the back. Then he put the cupping onto my back he had just massaged, and worked on my legs. When Vladi rolled me over on my back, to work the front parts of legs and hands, he put the acupuncture mat under my back! He told me to speak up if the mat’s plastic needles got too deep, which they did, especially at first, and he just moved it to another part of my back. It felt really good. This would be a great treatment for the people who are always saying, "go deeper." When it was over, and Vladi left, I took a nap, and I was sore the next day. But it was the kind of soreness that feels good for you, like exercising a little harder than you're used to. It felt like it was waking my muscles up.

Margot M. Mon, 12/24/2012 - 19:22

I had an excellent 90min. massage with a body wrap in my hotel room after the long flight. I found them online as a mobile spa that provides mobile service all across Canada.  Sent booking request, got the confirmed date and time - it was so easy. Thank you Spa Smart Calgary for excellent customer service & massage therapist, Agota -for wonderful job.

Lisa R Fri, 12/28/2012 - 19:16