Vihtu Massage - Treatment - Ritual

Vihta Ritual: In-Sauna Organic “Steam’n’Scrub” Full Body Soft Tissue Massage. Waggling. Stroking. Compressing. Stretching. Lashing. Rubbing. Massaging. Applying. Inhaling. Heating. Sweating. Splashing.

Vihta or Vasta (Finnish) or Venik (Russian) is actually a bunch of leafy Birch  or Oak twigs, used in a dry sauna or in a steam room as a very unique massage and exfoliation tool, one of the sauna temperature regulators (!) and a rich source of essential and mineral oils.

The Ritual originates as far as from Crete, Santorini (Atlantis), – Thucydides, Socrates, Plato, - it was remembered in Greece, - Homer, Herodotus, Rene Ginouves (Scythians, Arcadia, Peloponnese), was practiced  in early balneas and thermaes in many parts of the Roman Empire, then spread around Europe and Middle East, been transformed in different bathing traditions (Hammam, Turkish Baths, Sauna, Steam Room).

It is unclear, if the very similar Rituals were independently developed in ancient Japan (practiced as integral part of sento and ofuro culture till 16-th century, and then forgotten) and by Maya in Central America (part of Temazcal Ritual), or, coming from the one and only source, The Ritual was spread around the world, not just Europe and Middle East, as a part of same Pre-Greek Mediterranean civilization’s (Atlantis’) heritage.

The Ritual Benefits (Lawrence Wilson, M.D, “Sauna Therapy”)

  • Balancing the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Inducing Sweating
  • Improving Oxygenation
  • Dilating Peripheral Vessels
  • Relieving Internal Congestion
  • Relaxing Muscles and Enhancing Flexibility of Tendons and Ligaments
  • Reducing Heat Production
  • Increasing the Alkalinity of the System
  • Hastening the Death and Weaker Cells – by Increasing Body Temperature
    (cancer cells/bacteria and spirochetes such as Borrelia burgdorferi which cause Lyme disease/fungi and other parasites, cells infected with viruses, cells with damaged DNA, cells containing radioactive minerals, cells filled with chemical toxins, cells containing toxic levels of metals, other defective cells)
  • Producing Heat Shock Proteins - by Increasing Body Temperature
  • Improving Genetics:
  • Improving the circulation and assisting the eliminative organs helps remove radioactive particles and toxic chemicals;
  • Heat shock proteins produced in sauna sessions may increase the rate of DNA replication, transcription and translation;
  • Heating the body helps kill weaker mutated cells, preventing their reproduction and slowly improving the ratio of healthy cells to genetically damaged cells;
  • Increasing the Heart Rate and Enhancing Circulation
  • Resolving Infiltrates, Edema and Exudates
  • Normalizing Enzymatic Activity – when Basal Body Temperature is Low.